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91outcomes (link)

Published by a Gulf War veteran with GWI, the aim of 91outcomes.com is to provide fellow veterans, caregivers, advocates, and loved ones with a credible source of health information on GWI, all in one place, some of which isn't available anywhere else.

American Legion Service Officers (link)

Accredited American Legion service officers are specially trained to provide expert assistance, free of charge, to veterans and their families.

DAV Claims Assistance (link)

It’s crucial to have a specially trained veterans service officer (VSO) from the organization of your choice to help you win your service-connected disability claim with the VA. The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) provides information and assistance to Gulf War veterans to pursue a Gulf War-related claim.

Gulf War Illnesses (link)

Facebook group for people affected by Illnesses related to the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Our goal is to help and support each other and to help new members seeking assistance or information regarding Gulf War Illnesses.

Gulf War Related Illness (link)

This is YOUR page!!! It is a closed group, meaning only members can see posts. You are likely here because you have been affected by Gulf War Illness or know someone who has been. We will not allow anyone to come in and monopolize the group. We only ask that you be respectful in your posting and conversations.

GWIRP Landscape (link)

The Gulf War Illness Research Program funds state-of-the-art research into treatments for GWI. The research landscape provides a perspective on the current state of our fight against GWI.

Nat'l Gulf War Resource Center (link)

We are among the most successful Veterans' Organizations in the United States advocating for veterans affected by Gulf War Illness (GWI). Our work has been critical in establishing the rights, treatments, and benefits which these veterans have access to now.

VFW (link)

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is a nonprofit veterans service organization composed of eligible veterans and military service members from the active, guard and reserve forces. Use this tool to find a post local to where you live.

VVA Service Officers (link)

Vietnam Veterans of America is expanding services to Gulf War veterans. Service Officers are recognized by the VA as being allowed to represent claimants seeking benefits before the various levels of the VA.

WRIISC (link)

The War Related Illness and Injury Study Center clinical program provides environmental exposure assessments and comprehensive medical evaluations for Gulf War and other veterans who have chronic, medically unexplained symptoms and/or and difficult to diagnose symptoms that they believe are related to their deployment. The WRIISC has helped hundreds of Gulf War veterans get diagnoses and recommend potential treatments.

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